Why Not Put Your Cannabutter In The Freezer? / Cannabutter Recipe

Discussion in 'Food and Drinks' started by grilledcheese, Feb 27, 2009.

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    So, I already have my recipe for cannabutter, but I don't want to wait overnight for the mix to cool in the fridge (you have to put it in the fridge so that the butter separates from the water).

    See, my fridge has a dial in it that goes from 1-10, 1 being the warmest setting and 10 being the coldest. I usually keep it at 5, but I was thinking that if I turned it up to 10, wouldn't that make the butter separate from the water faster? But then I thought, "Why stop at just turning up the fridge dial? Why not put it in the freezer? Than the butter would separate from the water even faster!"

    What I'm worried about is the butter not properly separating from the water somehow, and then I'd lose a bunch of THC in the process.

    What do you think? Has anyone done this before? Is there a reason why this shouldn't work?

    By the way, I'm not just going to try it and see if it works, just in case anybody's hoping I will. I'm spending two day's pay between the weed and cooking ingredients, so I'm not just going to try it out and hope for the best.

    Here's the recipe that I use:

    What you'll need: water, butter, saucepan, heat, weed, cheesecloth, tupperware container, fridge.

    Two sticks of butter per ounce of weed.
    Half a stick of butter per ¼ ounce (for you mathermaticians out there).
    1 stick of butter = ½ cup.

    1. Fill saucepan with 2:1 water to butter ratio.

    2. Turn stove to high heat. Boil water on stove.

    3. Once water is boiling, add butter. Once butter melts, turn stove to low heat. Add weed.

    4. Stir periodically for 1-2 hours. A good rule of thumb is to stir every time
    the mix bubbles.

    5. Rubber band a cheesecloth to the top of a tupperware container.
    Pour mix into container.

    X. (skip step 6) Let sit in freezer until butter hardens on top of water?

    6. (skip step X) Let sit in fridge until butter hardens on top of water.

    7. Dump out water.

    8. Add butter to food.

    It takes longer to react to eaten THC rather than smoked THC, so you'll have to wait an hour or so before you feel anything, and another hour or so after that until the effects peak. The high lasts twice as long or longer than when smoked, and is also more of a body high than a head high. Driving is further impaired when THC is eaten so it is strongly discouraged that you don't. Just chill on your couch and watch Pineapple Express.
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    Don't sweat it man. Just put it in the freezer until the butter hardens on top of the water, pop it out. It's not necessary for it to be in there overnight. I never wait and it doesn't effect the effects.

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