The best way to smoke and get the BIGGEST high from hash

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bigindian, Jan 19, 2012.

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    So i have a ball of hash about the size of the nail on my index finger. WHat is the best way to smoke it to get the BIGGEST high. And if im smoking from a metal pipe. How do i get the most out of that?
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    if I smoke hash, I usually do it trough a pipe. I take out the screen/get a screen and place it just inside the bowl but so that you can see the screen while inhaling, so not like with weed when I push the screen down into the bowl(to hold more weed)
    then I pinch of a tiny piece of hash wich I think I can get finished in 1 hit(sometimes it takes 2, others who aren't used to this technique usually need 2-3 hits wich I can get in 1)
    then start aplying flame to the piece of hash while inhaling, but inhale slowly, hash takes a little time to get burning so at this point I only inhale to get the flame down into the bowl, not to get the smoke into my lungs(since there is no smoke yet)
    then the hash starts glowing at one point, I keep aplying flame untill there is enough glowing(2-3 points or one bigger spot)
    then I take the flame away and inhale a bit slower, still not as fast as with a joint tough, I pull the glow through the piece of hash. when the glow has gone trough it entirely the piece has turned to white ash, wich turns into dust as soon as you touch it.
    usually I empty the screen after 3-5 pieces of hash(now ash)
    the reason I use one hit-chunks is because hash takes a little time to get burning, but once it's burning it will keep burning very well and while yu're not hitting it you see the thick white smoke escaping into the air instead of your lungs, so to waste minimal hash I load a piece that I can finish in one hit, if I can't finish it in one hit I blow out my hit quick and begin inhaling again(if I do finish it in one hit I hold it in longer like any hit, altough this does produce a more airy smoke as a bowl full of weed so usually easier to hold in even if it's a big hit)

    I also vape hash in my vaporgenie, then I load a bit bigger piece, about 3 times as big as one combustionhit-piece
    the first 2 hits have to be a bit hotter to make the hash soft(and produce almost no visible vapor, only favor), then I open the vaporgenie up again and use a thin metal rod to push the piece of part to small pieces so it will vape well, and then I can really begin to vape it. after a while the temp needs to get higher and at one point it gets a typical high temp taste, that's usually the point I dump it out(it's finished), sometimes I try to get some more out of it but at that point the hits you can get are very snall, the temp needs to be higher and the risk for combustion increases so not really worth it

    my friends always smoke their hash in joints, mixed with tobacco, but that way you use a lot more hash(and I don't like tobacco)
    smoking it in a joint mixed with weed(instead of tobacco) is great too and wil get you really high, but just as a joint with tobacco it takes a lot more hash. works great for once in a while, special ocassions but not for allround everyday IMO, unless you have enough money
    you can also top a bowl of weed with hash, but this doesn't have my preference. the hash burns hotter, the weed starts burning first, then the weed lights the hash. by then a lot of the weed is already ash, so it starts tasting like ash while you still have a lot of hash left to smoke, the smoke is really hot and harsh on your throath, and he hash keeps burning hard while you're not hitting.
    for combustion, my pipemethod is a lot more efficient, you smoke pure hash and it's a nice light/airy tastefull smoke, also perfect for a quick smoke where there can't be too much smell, since no smoke escapes out of the bowl, so if you exhale out of a window the only smell is outside in your exhaled cloud. also some people don't recognise hashsmell

    another old method i to pin a piece of hash on a nail/needle or so, light it and put a glass over it, the glass fills with smoke and then you can suck up that smoke. also creates a nice tasty light smoke, but IMO it's too much of a hassle, the pipetechnique is easier, more convenient IMO

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