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    Dry cooking weed is a simple and fast way to ingest weed. Now I can't say it's the best way to prepare your weed for eating but believe me when I say it works very good and makes no mess and very, very little smell. Which can be covered up simply over cooking a piece of toast in the toaster. "What's that funny smell Johny"? "Oh! Just burnt toast mom."
    Anyway, start with 1/4 teaspoon of crumbled up weed packed. Be sure the weed is crushed as fine as possible but not powder. Grab a frying pan and put the pan on the stove med high heat. Now if the pan is too hot your pot will vape so drop a very small piece on pan if doesn't start smoking your ok. Lower heat to medium put your pot in pan, nothing else, just pot. Make the pot spread out evenly. Begin stiring it with s wooden spoon or what ever. Keep stiring but keeping spread out. The will begin to turn light brown. If you see any vapor or smoke turn heat down pronto. It only takes a few minutes. Don't over cook. Remove from heat place pot in a mug or glass and mix with water or whatever and drink. Make sure you add more water to glass if pot sticks to sides. Now clean up is a snap. Wipe and or wash pan and spoon and cup. Walla! Your done. If you consume on an empty stomach you'll feel it faster. Takes about 90 min or so. I tried a half tsp and it was too much for me. I was so freekin high. Now want to get high twice on same:family: pot?
    Grab the glass thing that sits on an oil lamp. In stead of placing all the pot in pan put a pinch in. Place glass thing over the pinch of pot in pan, place some kind of lid over top of glass. Large end of glass on bottom small end up. Keep heat med low, watch for the pot to start to vape when glass thing fills up with vape lift glass an inch off of pan bend over move lid and inhale vape. Don't inhale like it's a bong or you'll inhale some fine particles of weed. Now get at least one to two hits from pot and before it turns dark brown and smelling like burnt popcorn remove it dump it out on plate. Get another pinch and do same thing until your half tsp is all cooked up. You'll get high vaping it this way and again when you consume the cooked weed. Believe me it works very well. Try it and let me know how it works. You personally may need to start with more or less weed. Have fun. Oh ya one more thing you don't have to put your lips the glass part it might be warm. Just get close to it and suck in the vape.

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