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Aug 2, 2011
Feb 5, 2007
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Confused Misplaced Stoner

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. Osprey
      HAHAHAHA! You're welcome buddy.
    2. hunny
      yea finished 1-1.. we played dundee utd
      joint top same points as rangers they was 0-0 today

      awww scholes off.. didnt think that was worth a 2nd yellow tho
    3. hunny
      superb goal from giggs :D
    4. hunny
      holy shit doll i have ESPN on an spurs have just scored after 45 seconds!! defoe
      utd it all to do now..
    5. smokey
      Yea we have had a good start, better than utd so far, boro not doing so well, will be a tough season for them
    6. khalid420
      ur link didnt work
    7. hunny
      u summed up the game fully, them 2 goals was so lucky, one comin of the arse of gallas, an caldwell score an own goal , needless to say i was pretty upset.. cant see celtic scorin more than 2 goals at arsenal's ground on wed its lookin like the europa(eufa cup) league instead this yr
    8. hunny
      i sure hope ur right on the prediction,, as long as we dont let in any goals at home, stand a chance of goin thru .. i shall be watchin, chewin my nails tomo nite..
    9. hunny
      just poppin by to say hi there doll.. nice result utd had today eh. birmingham run them pretty close tho.. good game tho
      take care xx
    10. Osprey
      I would but they hate when I do that at work. Picky bastards.
    11. Osprey
      What up dude? Maintaining contact, oh yes. HAHAHA!
    12. smokey
      Hope you're ready to relinquish that #2 spot this week as i make my way back to the top o the mountain
    13. DesD
      yooo pm me when u got time
    14. cani
      dude! wtf, you are desperatly needed in chat! somebody is goin to nuke some weed, OMG! LOL
      cya in chat xx
    15. Lulu
      thx capt x
    16. Captain_Short_Bowl
      In my bowl Oh wait a min........Fire!!!!!!!!!Was in my bowl:D
    17. Stupid_Crazy_Thrax
      wer the weed weed at
    18. DonnieDarko
      It's ain't over yet ... but I'll take any win at this point ... It was a strange week ... with all the byes and the crazy Jets-Cards game. Haha .. I had Favre on the bench.
    19. Angela420s
      hey whats up? it seems like your one of the few in my area that actually uses this website
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